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Summer Clothing

Helly Hansen

The story of Helly Hansen started in 1877

In the 20th century, Helly Hansen made several breakthroughs in product development to complete the layering principle today known as the 3-Layer System™.

In 1980, the Helly Tech technology was launched, using both hydrophilic and microporous technology, which meant the apparel was both waterproof and breathable. This meant that anyone who participated in high-activity outdoor sports could expect their clothing to work with them, not against them. The evolution of breathable, waterproof jackets had a profound effect on the outdoor industry. Helly Hansen now produced technical outerwear garments

Today our gear is used by world-class sailors, skiers and adventurers who spend their time between human will and nature’s forces, and demand full protection and performance when the conditions are at their worst.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts.

Over the last 20 years, our independence and willingness to do things differently has driven innovation in outdoor apparel and equipment.

We believe everyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete. From 8,000 meter climbers to weekend day-hikers, we all aspire to better physical experiences in the outdoors.

From the first taped soft shell jacket to the first tent with 180° views, our products combine cutting edge materials technology with unconventional design solutions.

We are committed to exploring innovative ways of doing business that will support a sustainable future. Our current focus is on putting in place industry leading systems and reporting mechanisms to enable efficient measurement of our social and environmental performance and to provide increased transparency into our practices


A family history of carpentry inspired Franz Volkl’s to become a ski maker.In 1923, he created his first set of skis, and called them Vostras.In 1952, Franz Völkl Jr. took over operations of Volkl Skis, and radically modernized the entire operation. He continued to run the company for the next 40 years.

Volkl had been famous for its solid and conservative image, but that all changed in 1962, when the company shocked the ski industry with a ski whose graphics featured a zebra pattern. While the industry mocked this creative graphic, the skiing public loved it. Volkl was essentially ahead of its time with the idea of creative graphics.

Continuing onward, in 1994,Volkl became one of the first companies to manufacture a pure carving ski. Today they continue as innovators in the ski industry.


Georges likes to ski. Then he has an idea: to create a warm, functional and well cut jacket dedicated to the practice of winter sports. In 1962 he creates his own brand of clothing: Eider.

A few decades later, Eider is still assisting athletes that are passionate about mountain sports looking for accomplishments, harmony with nature and challenges.

We select the best materials and we are always looking for new ideas to protect you from the most hostile climates. And, of course, we place particular emphasis on the cut and the fit of our clothes.

But what really counts for us is that you look elegant and that you feel good in nature.


The kind of warmth that keeps you outside longer but also the kind that puts a smile on your face as you live life’s precious winter moments. It’s a feeling that goes far beyond degrees. It’s an unwavering love of winter. The result of decades of caring for Canadians since 1961. It’s a badge of honour we proudly wear. On the hills or at home, the Kombi brand is an invitation to head outside and make happy memories.

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